Summer Season

We are closed Monday-Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted.

- Starting June 10, Standard delivery will be unavailable on our portal for the following period(s)

[Summer] Friday, June 21 → Sunday, Aug. 18

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Our Delivery Methods

Delivery & Return-pickup
Times by default

8 AM - 12:00 PM

Add Rush-on-delivery for
1-hour delivery times

(available September → April)

Access to Discounted Bundles

From $54 / 1 event

On the start date of your rental, we will deliver the rental items to the location specified during the booking experience. On the end date of your rental, we’ll do the same by picking up the rentals. Prior-day delivery is free for all events, exclusively with us.

Unlike many companies, our delivery fees are simple to understand and are not volume-based. Simply head over to our order portal to book instantly or view availability with all prices on products, bundles and extra services such as setup, takedown, rush-on-delivery, or rush-on-pickup* for a specific pickup time.


Delivery & Return-pickup service
Loading & Unloading

Temporary Location
& Open Hours

9 AM - 11:00 AM

Self-pickup and self-return is available at our temporary location. You can self-pick up & self-return your rentals during the times specified below. Check-in & check-out is required once you’re on the way to the designated location and will be sent hours in advance on the start & end dates of your rental to ensure your items are ready for pickup and ready to be received.

Keep in mind, items marked with **Delivery-only** within the order portal are not available for self-pickup due to being allocated in our delivery storages not accessible to customers.

Self pickup & Self Return
↺    2-day Rental Limit
✖   Order now, Pay Later
✖   Access to Discounted Bundles

Delivery & Return-pickup
Times by default

8 AM - 12:00 PM

$19 floral delivery

Delivery-only service for UFlowers products. This method is not required when renting simultaneously from the Equipment, Event+ or the Bundles store with Delivery Unlimited or Standard.


Will you be renting a photo booth?

Why do we ask? If you are reserving a photo booth for your event, we'll skip this page so you don't end up adding delivery twice! Any Photo Booth style already includes standard delivery for all the items in your cart. If you're only renting equipment from U Party, stay on this page.
No, only Equipment
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