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Attention-grabbing activations
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Blending in isn’t an option when you work with us

We stop consumers in their tracks and they can but engage and interact with your event(s) and activations.

Attention-grabbing activations

Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing messages wherever they go. Online, offline, they can’t escape it. But we don’t just make noise – we crash through the clamour and put brands front and centre.

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You can’t ignore our events and consumers stop in their tracks and engage with your brand

Our range of cutting-edge photobooth technology takes consumers on an inspiring and engaging journey. Tapping into their love of selfies and delivering a fully branded, customized activation, consumers get to you’re your brand through unique experiences that will leave them wanting more.

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Brand loyalty is hard to come by, but with our activations you can passive consumers into loyal brand advocates.

We understand how quickly consumer dynamics are changing and how to retailers need to respond to them. Let us help you innovate and find new ways to engage with consumers.

Our photobooth technology is the perfect way to tap into the millennial market and position yourself ahead of the pack.

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