Step 3

In this step - Optional Enhancers: mix-and-match with our multiple enhancers such as adding a scrapbook, GIFs, photo frames & more!

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Recommended Enhancers

FREE Social Sharing! ($49 value)

This all-in-one enhancer is one of our top favorites! Let your guests get social and share their photo via email or text SMS which allows social media sharing to any platform like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Plus, it’s powered by our 5G hotspots, meaning no internet is needed from you!

All Enhancers

Photo Frames
(of your choice)

Our UV-resistant frames are made of dual acrylic blocks that make a perfect addition to any occasion and has been one of the favorites. They will not slide off with 4 pairs of magnets to assure firm attachment.

Extra Active Time
+$149/hour (+$75/half hour)

We know that the Photo Booth can become the life of the party, you have the option to keep the booth open for an extended period of time
(after surpassing the active time already included for your style)

Paused Time
+$49/hour (+$25/half hour)

Many different types of events can benefit from adding pause time. Corporate events often split the active time to have it open before and after their dinner. Birthdays may use pause time to close the booth during the cake/presents time for a lower fee, per hour.

There are many other scenarios where it makes sense to have the mirror booth put on pause for a period of time.

Auto-glam Filter

This special & unique beauty filter holds its secret plate by smoothing out the skin to minimize blemishes and give that perfect Hollywood look you were waiting for.

Full Branding
By consultation, pricing varies (+$1k)

Allows full customization of the Mirror Booth’s structure with a branded backdrop, plus full vinyl graphics wrapped around the booth to increase the impact at your event. By wrapping the Mirror’s back body & putting custom branding within the screen‘s animations, it will fit perfectly with the event’s theme.

With the entire mirror booth experience highlighting the theme of the event, your guests/customers will always attribute the memories they shared in the mirror booth to you, your event or your brand.

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